Friday, January 27, 2012

52 things I love about you

Dear sweet husband, 

These are the things I love about you...

1. Your amazingly kind eyes.  I still melt when you look at me sometimes.
2. Your heart...not just the love you show Evie and I but how you treat others too.
3. Your faith in God. 
4. Your work ethic...even if I try to get you to fake sick sometimes I really admire how you always keep your obligations.
5. The way you kiss the side of my neck...just below my ear.  Even just in passing.
6. No matter how horrid I look you always say I'm beautiful.
7. Your calf muscles...they kind of turn me on. 
8. Your determination to do something you have decided to do.  
9. The way you love your mom and dad.
10. The way you love my mom and dad...LOL
11. You are the definition of trust.
12. You bring me coffee in bed.
13. You know how to cook my eggs.
14. How you always encourage me to keep on keeping on.
15.  Your knowledge.
16. The way you get so excited when there is some new cell phone coming out.
17. Your mad photography skills
18.  Your love of our daughter.
19. The fact that you changed diapers from day one...including her first!
20. How you will get on the floor and play dinosaurs at the end of a long day and really enjoy it.
21.  How you don't mention the house is a mess.
22.  The fact that you do notice when it's not a mess.
23. You always notice if I changed my hair.
24. You tell me I'm a good mama even when I don't think I am.
25. Your ability to explain something over and over again without getting flustered when I just don't get it.
26. That you let me stay at home with Evalyn even when it would be easier if I worked.
27. You are dead sexy!
28. You are kind.
29. You are respectful
30. You don't judge me
31. You let me ramble on and on about the same things
32. You take out the garbage.
33. You scrape my frozen windows in the winter.
34. You keep the truck gassed up even though you rarely drive it.
35. You drive me around in the snow.
36. You drive Evie around time after time to see the Christmas lights.
37. You wash dishes
38. You cook!
39. You married me!
40. You spoil me rotten every chance you get.
41. You are forgiving.
42. You are humble
43. You have your priorities in check
44. You are funny and make me laugh!
45. You don't smoke, drink or have other addictions
46. You have a servant's heart
47. You are compassionate
48. You are not too demanding
49. You allow me to decorate however I want
50. Did I say I thought you were an amazing provider? Cause you are and it's worth a second mention!
51. You accept me for me!
52. Most important to me is your ever faithful love and respect of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  This is a constant gift in our lives.

Honestly I could go on but I think you get the idea! 
You rock my world Mr. Lunsford. Thank you for making me your Mrs and loving me so openly all these years and for promising to love me for all our years to come!  xxoo!

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